Welcome everyone! We hope you’re having an amazing weekend. A lot has happened since launch of our Phase 1 NFT marketplace and this is a great opportunity to recap where we are and what we have planned for the future. …

Get goosebumps family. That’s right, today is the day! We are launching our marketplace live! This medium will be your guide for all things SOMBRA LAUNCH! Take a look below to get acquainted with what to expect for launch today and what will be taking place over the next few…

CMC / New Developers Hired / Moralis Audit / + more!

Hello Sombra Family! Thanks for readying our Medium, we hope you are having a great day. We love all our community members and appreciate the time you take from your day to say hello in telegram or discord :)…

Sombra Family thanks for reading! We have so many amazing things in the works and are very excited for the future. High or low marketcap we are committed to the success of the project and our holders. Please enjoy the weekly update and don’t forget to join our telegram https://t.me/sombranetwork

Note to Hodlers - Nothing will keep us down!

Hey Sombra Family!

Over the last week we have assessed the project on all fronts and formulated an updated roadmap. Take a look below at our comprehensive breakdown to give you a great understanding of the changes and updates coming to the project and marketplace.

We are so grateful for your patience and we are thrilled to announce SMBR has gone live! Airdrop has been completed and you now should have your SMBR!

The contract address is: 0x8ad8e9b85787ddd0d31b32ecf655e93bfc0747ef

We took great care to make sure this process was effective and appreciate your support through the…

Sombra Network

Sombra is a social NFT marketplace and gaming eco system created to bring collectors, artists and innovators together to make the impossible possible.

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