Cheecoin to SMBR Migration information

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4 min readAug 19, 2021


  1. What happened to Cheecoin price? — We are moving to a new token and project name. Sombra Network has been our NFT market for a while and now is our main brand. SMBR is the new token. We have removed the BNB from Cheecoin to add to SMBR so you can have a new token worth the same. This is important if you wish to use our NFT marketplace.
  2. Has the LP been fully pulled? — We have gotten our target goal BNB from Cheecoin which was amazing and not expected. We are thrilled. This is very good for SMBR.
  3. Can I still send Cheecoin to the team for extra LP for SMBR? —No. We have finished this process.
  4. Do I have to send Cheecoin to the team? — Please do not.
  5. When was the Snapshot taken? — 12am August 18th Eastern Standard Time
  6. What if I bought after the snapshot? — Very few people did and the majority of transactions were sells. If after airdrop and resumed trading you feel your balance is not accurate you can contact support and we will review the case independently.
  7. What if I sold after the snapshot? — We will deduct your sold tokens from your airdropped amount. If you sold prior to LP being removed it will be considered in the final airdrop. If you sold after LP removal then you are not eligible to use those cheecoin for the rewards program explained below.
  8. When do I get SMBR Token? — We are updating the airdrop spreadsheet with the information discussed above and some holders are still sending us tokens to help remove more LP. We will be finishing this up this afternoon and moving to the distribution phase. If you DID send us tokens you will be manually transferred your SMBR first. If you DID NOT send us tokens you will be airdropped from the main drop following the manual transfers. Airdrop automatic you DO NOT NEED to do anything to get the tokens (except add the contract to wallet when released)
  9. When will trading resume? — We will resume as soon as we can finish the airdrop. This is taking a bit longer due to the crazy amount of transactions that have happened. Not a problem just a thing we need more time to finish properly handling.
  10. What will the SMBR price be at trading? — SMBR is BNB dependent so the price of BNB will affect the launch price. We will be starting with full LP from Cheecoin in SMBR so the price should remain the same if BNB stays at the same price. If BNB goes down the starting price will be lower and if BNB goes higher then the starting price will be higher.
  11. I sent my Cheecoin tokens to the team for LP pull. I see people are selling…this makes me frustrated. What now? — We are aware of all the sells and over the next few weeks will be meticulously going through and making note of all the accounts that have sold cheecoin and monitoring it on going. For your help we will reward you with SMBR tokens to be determined soon. We would like to focus on launching and getting the marketplace up and running and will have these tokens to distribute shortly after launch. These will be in addition to what you get in SMBR as a 1:1 swap. . If you DID send us tokens you will be manually transferred your SMBR first. You will also be given a credit in our marketplace for all your cheecoin holdings before sending them to us to use for LP.
  12. What is the Cheecoin Reward program? — For holders of the original Cheecoin, you will soon be able to cash those tokens in for rewards in the form of NFTs, products, SMBR tokens and more. If you have sold tokens since snapshot you will not be able to use those tokens for rewards. If you have bought tokens after snapshot you will not be able to use those for rewards.
  13. When can I cash in Cheecoin for prizes? — 2–3 months. We need some time to get the rewards program in place.
  14. How will you deal with people buying and selling Cheecoin after the snapshot and after LP pull for use on SMBR market. — Your cheecoin holdings for the reward program will be counted as per the snapshot and your wallet. We will hold a master internal list of balances and credits per wallet. If you bought after we removed LP, those Cheecoin will NOT be counted towards your available Chee rewards. If you sold it WILL be deducted from your balance. If you sent tokens to Sombra team you will be given 100% cheecoin back in credit to be cashed out as if it was a normal token along with your SMBR token thank you reward.
  15. What do I do if I need help? — Find an admin and DM them. If you cannot email and we will help fix your problem. You can also DM on Telegram @QueenMonique88 @Mechmechmec @RoosterTooth



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