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2 min readDec 7, 2021

Sombra has launched our new and improved brand UI for the NFT marketplace and website! You can find lots of new information on our site about who we are and the project we are working on. Please check out this short but exciting Medium discussing the updates and whats coming next!


You will see the following new features!

  • New color and branding palate
  • Edit profile mode
  • Custom profile banners
  • Improved functionality globally
  • About section discussing project and more
  • Improved Economics section
  • Collections are live (pending a minted collection)
  • Social feed with new features and interactivity
  • New layout and tab features to steam-line website and process
  • New mobile layouts and enhancements
  • New social improvements and follower UI
  • Improved footer banner
  • Tweets linked to website
  • New Global fonts
  • Enhanced copy-written text and body content
  • Transactions linked to BSC and improved visibility


  • First minted collection later this week
  • Resale market launches week of Dec 21st
  • SINS avatar page launches week of Dec 21st (minting not available)
  • SINS Members Only Club launches week of Dec 21st — Only members can buy Avatars.
  • ETH NFT Ecosystem goes live with SMBR pegged token MCAP pending week of January 25th
  • SINS Unreal Engine cinematic trailer drops January 20th
  • SINS Avatars and 3D mocap upgrades launch week of February 1
  • SINS Community plot vote #1 week of February 15th
  • SINS Realtime Episode #1 released week of March 15th
  • POLYGON NFT Ecosystem goes live week of March 30th
  • Solana NFT ecosystem To Be Announced


We hope you enjoy the new UI and improved functions. We will always be here for tech support if needed and of course as you dive into the new Sombra site please report any wonky loading or issues you see. We’ve been very thorough but we all have different devices from all over the world and years so sometimes older things can load things differently and it’s important that the community keeps us informed. If you see something. Say something :)



Sombra Network

Sombra is a social NFT marketplace and gaming eco system created to bring collectors, artists and innovators together to make the impossible possible.