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3 min readApr 17, 2022


🚨Sombra Family on formal note we would like to announce that we have made BIG upgrades to the project on a few fronts. We watched the market and had many conversations with our marketing team CZ and came to the conclusion that rarity and exclusive content is really more important than ever. Having a lower supply will allow us to maintain a more intimate community and to ensure that all holders hold a very rare NFT who’s floor will likely benefit dramatically. Our Genesis holders will have special perks and is for our most loyal members. We have had this planned for a few weeks and are very excited for the LORE and storyline to unfold with you. Please do not be sad about the delay as this is to ensure proper time with our new Alpha collabs and to get some great AMAs on the books and WL giveaways prior to mint. Our WL is growing fast as of this week so make sure to take a look at the details in Discord. 🙏💜

Here is a breakdown of where we are and updates 👇👇👇


  • Supply has been reduced by at least 2000 NFTs. Final number pending survivors Genesis attack (storyline attack)
  • 377 Genesis PFP NFTs will mint as per WL on May 4th (Sombra 1 year anniversary) and these are THE ONLY NFTs that can grant access to become a TV show character
  • 188 TV show characters upgradeable when you hold 2 or more Genesis
  • 2nd WL will commence after May 4th drop for OG drop which will see the remaining supply minted.
  • Rare, Epic, Legendary, OG and Genesis lootboxes available
  • Buy 2 or more Genesis and choose ANY Sinner NFT to upgrade into 3D and the tv show. TV show upgrades are 1 per 2 held and can only be done once. 3D upgrades can be done on demand for ANY Sinner.
  • Genesis buyers receive special powers and perks in game
  • Genesis cost = .11 ETH (2 per transaction and per person)
  • OG cost = .07 ETH (3 per transaction)
  • Public Mint = .055 ETH (7 per transaction)


  • We have formed MAJOR alpha collabs that will be dropping over the next week and leading to mint. These are established projects with massive communities.
  • We have booked tiktokers and youtubers that we feel are organic and will provide great new growth (they will release these coming weeks. We held off because we knew that we were changing the details).
  • LORE and SINS narrative has begun and will continue. Updates will be done in character often and realtime updates about the story will take place from now through mint.
  • Cinematic trailers such as today’s drop will continue till mint as per LORE
  • AMAs this coming week in a big way.
  • VFX Avatar and digital double contracts for Alpha NFT groups (bored apes and more).
  • Discord will be made private starting tomorrow in conjunction with LORE and to maintain exclusivity.
  • New discord mods and managers hired to assist amazing team we already have.
  • New collab manager hired.
  • New AMA manager hired.
  • New advisors from massive projects.

🔥 If you have any questions please let us know. This was a choice made by the team to increase interest, visibility, and LORE engagement as well to ensure all buyers are really getting something special. We are here to build amazing utility and provide a first class NFT and metaverse experience to our community. 🔥



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