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Welcome to Sins of Shadow, a world where your deepest and darkest desires are possible, and the only limitation is your mind. A digital Westworld powered by game-ready, mocap able NFT avatars designed by some of the best minds in visual effects and gaming. The game and avatars will run on Polygon Network and use SMBR’s Polygon Token. Our Genesis NFT drop on Mat 4th, 2022 will be on ETH and act as passports into our ecosystem.

In 2050, interplanetary travel became possible and with that also interplanetary war. After a series of conflicts in the southern region of the
Circinus Galaxy, the Hydrogen Wars erupted into the cosmos wreaking havoc and destruction across space and time. Legends of the Hydrogen Wars and the final battle, The Entropy of Combustion are all that remain of the lost ages.

Hydrogen Wars Stock Concept

Sins of Shadow is a man-made planet that sits between the Polygon Planets and the Binance Galaxy. Created after the Hydrogen Wars to hold displaced populations whose planets were no longer habitable, over time the planet has evolved into a hub of business and family life, but not without its elements of danger. Only specific areas of the planet are safe for travel whereas others…well let’s just say don’t go there alone. Designed with a large planetary jail at the core of the planet, Sins of Shadow hosts some of the galaxy’s most notorious criminals. It is rumored that ancients, the Hydrogen Wars’ most brutal and dangerous criminals are still imprisoned there to this day.

In today’s year, 2150, people are living their lives with little recollection of the past. Their daily concerns are mostly the same as yours and mine. They worry about money, their house, cars and slide rides, and of course not getting murdered. Stay safe. It’s a dangerous world out there.

3-Part Attack

Sins of Shadow are comprised of 3 main components.

  • NFT open world/battle game and avatars
  • Monthly NFT cinematic steaming series
  • Social NFT avatar app


Sombra is comprised of a variety of avatar series that will be releasing throughout 2022. SINS is the ecosystem that hosts all our avatars and where they are all playable, usable and upgradable. Inside the SINS eco-system, you can use your NFTs in a variety of ways and methods aside from resale.

The Sinners are the first avatar series to be released from Sombra for the SINS world and are a cyberpunk-inspired collection of humanoid NFT avatars ranging in your choice of gender fluidity — Male, Female, It, One, They — be who you want to be in the judgment free world of SINS.

Each time a new Avatar series drops like our current series The Sinners, a section of our NFT game map will open and become available for 3D avatar players. The Arena and Silver City will be the first areas to open. Each avatar series represents a new race of characters with unique abilities and locations on the map. See below for more information.

PHASE I - The Sinners 2D

The Sinners will release first with a series of 5,477 2D genetic generated avatar cards hand drawn by the Sombra team and coded into perfection. These NFT humanoid avatars are androgynous — Built from the same human base, their male and female components are randomly generated and compiled into a gender-fluid character who ranges on the spectrum of Male/Female/Robot.

Each NFT avatar card ranges in rarity based on a variety of factors.

  • BASE
  • EYES
  • HAIR
  • RARE TRAIT (weapons)
KitBash / Mad Joe / Alpha 4
Jiro / Skeeter / Queen
Clara & Nataysha
Hydrogen Boy


Upon completing the first 75% minted in Phase 1, Sins Phase II will commence. Here, users who qualify can receive a generic Phase II 3D avatar. These avatars will be ordinary and are intended to be customized through NFT upgrades. They will be bald and gender can be chosen as a starting point as well as starting clothing and hair.

Persona Package


Phase 2 brings 3D motion capture and game ready NFT avatars. Each PFP has a matching 3D twin that enters the game and the TV show when a user mints.

Once you are qualified you can enter the SINS Dapp via Metamask or Trust and register for your base avatar.

Upgraded Avatar — QUEEN


You must own 2 Genesis NFTs prior to characters being chosen.

What can I do with my avatar?

  • All 3D avatars are automatically given access to the SINS open world multiplayer experience and competition Arena. Users can explore the large SINS open world map, chill in their pad or compete with their battle Guild in Arena del Toros - a 3rd/1st person P2E melee Battle Royale.
  • All 3D avatars are automatically given access to the SINS Mobile avatar app where users can connect and use their avatars to make fun animated social videos for Tiktok and youtube.

PHASE III - There is a game?!

Yes! think GTA meets Fortnite! You can live in the open world and choose from over 10 cities with different styles and map locations. You can customize your land, home, rides and more. If you get bored of cruising around town in your CyberLambo looking for trouble you can compete inside the Arena as a guild. Phase III is considered our global development phase and runs concurrent to our app and cinematic series.Arena Del Toros
Players can compete in teams of 4 against other Guilds for a winner takes all crypto stakes battle. Users agree to a set amount up front and the money is placed in escrow. Once the game is finished and the winners are declared the money is released into the winning guild’s wallets as per their match ranking. The losing team receives nothing and SINS global rank decreases.
Different levels will be available for the guilds to vote on pre battle and the community is encouraged to spectate.

Guilds are 4-person avatar teams that compete in the arena together and share a team rank. Guilds can choose to live together or separate but remember, you’re only as strong as your weakest link.

Guild Rankings
Each Guild has a ranking within the SINS ecosystem and your rank = $$$. Each month guild members receive SMBR rewards in relation to their ranking. The higher your team sits the more cash you get.

Only the top 20 teams get paid.

Arena Casino
If hand to hand combat isn’t your preference you can enter the Arena Casino to place wagers on your favorite Guild. Inside the Casino it’s hands off and no weapons so check your steel at the door. Here users can place non-refundable wagers in BNB, MATIC, and SMBR against wager-based smart contracts. Remember to only bet what you can afford to lose. We don’t want to have to break your legs.

Open World
SINS is an open world similar to what you would expect with GTA 5 or other variations of games. When not competing in the arena players can explore the vast map of SINS and the 10 different cities and communities within it.

What can you do in the open world?

  • Buy land at a first come first server basis. Prices increase based on sale demands for the given area.
  • Build houses, businesses, and other digital real-estate from in game assets.
  • Purchase vehicles and customize them
  • Purchase Boats and customize them
  • Purchase Flying Slide Rides (flying cars) and customize them
  • Open a digital store selling digital goods once approved from the Town Hall appointed 1 month into the game launch from within the community. These stores allow artists to sell CG assets for avatars, cars, homes and more as NFT upgrades and in game purchases. Artists must comply with the format standards to allow their NFTs to be used in game. All assets include 10% SMBR buyback. This allows a great community of artists and vendors.
  • Rob and kill fellow players - yes you can rob other players. Each players has a bank account in the game which allows them to “carry” a set amount of money in their wallet. This wallet amount is your purchase limit inside the SINS eco system meaning that if your wallet has 500 SMBR you can spend 500 SMBR. With that, users can rob players of their wallet holdings when exploring the open world. Its best to travel in groups and leave the big bucks at home unless you’re heading to the Lambo dealership. If so bring back up ;) If you choose to become an outlaw and rob and kill be aware you can be arrested and or killed by other citizens or the Sombra Rangers who patrol the world and stop crime. If you are arrested or are killed in an attempted crime you lose 10% of your in game bank account.
  • Hold players for ransom - If you choose to capture a player you can do so instead of killing them. You must make it to your safe house with the player without being arrested or killed. Once there you can hold a player indefinitely as long as you are paying your city taxes.
  • Buy NFT Art - you can buy and display your NFT art work in your own gallery or home.
  • Get a Job — In SINS you can work and make cash. If you so choose to purchase a mocap suit from one of our partners or a lower end motion capture solution you can apply for a number of jobs within the SINS metaverse that pay out daily. Each job is either motion capture based or game play position that requires you to interact with the players in the open world. When using motion capture, your movement range will be restricted to 4x4, 5x5 and 10x10 areas depending on players’ available personal space and position. See more information about jobs soon.

Available Positions include:

  • Sombra Supercar dealer - mocap and game play
  • Sombra Rangers - (Admin Force) - mocap and game play
  • Digital Goods Shop Owner - game play
  • Taxi Slide Ride Driver - game play and facial mocap
  • Sombra Adult Entertainer and Friend - mocap and game play
  • Arms dealer - mocap and game play
  • Ransom-wear dealer - Sombra sells pre-fabbed jail cells to hold other players ransom. These can be purchased and installed into your home.


  • SILVER CITY - downtown SINS where many businesses and access points exist. The entrance to the Arena also is here as well as the global scoreboard. The official SINS shop exists here as well and is considered the heart of the game. Players can find the Sombra Super car shop here as well as the Armory.
  • HYDROGEN MINES - bionic dystopian underground with old soldiers and new wave abolitionists determined to reignite the Hydrogen Wars between the Ethers and the Bionics. Rumor has it the Hydrogen Boys are building planetary blockchain weapons capable of mass destruction. Once the bridge is open it is anyones guess what happens.
  • ARBOL - Forest sector where *The Titans* live. The Titans are a treehouse society of Primates evolved beyond human intelligence. Primarily peaceful, the Titans will not hesitate to defend their home and families. With an average size twice that of a Bionic they are not to be taken lightly. Titans are welcoming of others as long as they are
  • TERRA DEL MAR - Luxury waterfront residential area with the cyber yacht club where well-to-do SINS members live and play. Supercars, Super Flyers, Planetary ships gilded in diamonds and more are just a taste of what you’ll find here.
  • SIMONA - Fashion and Art district where many shops and upgrade vendors set up. Only the best of the best are approved for business in Simona. If you prefer a taste of the old world architecture and cobblestone streets accompanied with high end futuristic NFT shopping this is the place for you.
  • FLAG POINT - Family Oriented Neighborhood for everyone. Homes of various sizes and shapes. A more traditional existence for the metaverse mingler.
  • MECH LOWLANDS - Swamp land that feeds into the sewers. Not a home for many and those who do live here are not those you want to go looking for. Noxious gas from the Ether planet leaks through a one way shadow hole making the Lowlands impossible for anyone to survive in without proper bionic modifications or air-filtration masks.
  • ETHER BRIDGE - Planetary bridges exists on the edges of the map in 4 locations. These bridges are elevated and homes are industrial in nature. These bridges are intended as portal points to other blockchain versions of SINS which come later in 2022.
  • CYANTICS - Mountain-line homes with long expansive views and luxury consignment shops as well as hunting range and nature preserve. A peaceful place where people, creatures and everyone alike mind their business. Expect everyone to be armed and don’t trespass without expecting the worst.
  • SOMBRA SKYLINE - City in the sky that shifts locations over the SINS map built with ornate gold and rococo stylings. Home of the *Owl Lords* and those whose choose to live among them. This airy and bright city is one you can fall off of so without proper modifications, propulsions systems or genetic avatar flying abilities you will die.
    *See future avatar collections below*
  • SPLINTER CITY - Underground village and subterranean cyberpunk dwellings. Large adult industry. Subways are connected and run through at all times of day. Here you’ll find all kinds of people and creatures. Splinter City was founded by the *The Shēdo*. Humans who lost their way and over time faded into the boundaries between living and dead. Faceless and silent, these creatures resemble cyberpunk ninjas.
    *See future avatar collections below*
  • CARMINE’S POINT — The most luxurious and largest homes in the map live here. These homes are elevated on a mountain side with breathtaking coastal views. Homes come with personal supercars.
  • QUEENSLAND -Water-based village accessible only by land. Yes, you can drown in SINS. Don’t drown. If you do the water creatures of *South Alpha* will likely eat you. Yeah I know it sucks but this is the future and its dangerous AF…what do you want?
    *See future avatar collections below*
  • CHUERASOL - The nightclub district that never closes. You can find someone to party and chat with here and likely more. Make sure you look your best and watch your back at all times.
  • FERRLAND - Dystopian Western area with sprawling acreage and hunting lodges, cyber farms, cyber buggies, and more. Home of The Ferrals, this is a ranger free zone where laws and 10% murder fees do not apply. Think of this as “International Waters.”
  • ARENA DEL TOROS - The central point of Sombra SINS P2E. Players here can compete in a variety of 3rd person, multiplayer scifi shooter games competing in realtime against community members. You can play single player without a guild but only when a guild needs more players for a match and accepts you as a fill in. Single player modes will releases after beta launch. The Toros run the Arena and what they say goes. They are the gate keepers of the battles.
  • ARENA DEL TOROS CASINO — If battle is not your forte then try your hand at the casino where users can place wagers on the upcoming matches and depending on the match apply leverage to the bet against the house. Be careful though as these are smart contract-built leverage bets and you must lock the funds x leverage in escrow until the results are official.


If you want to sell digital goods in the SINS ecosystem such as weapons, cars, buildings, homes, everyday items, animals and pets and anything you can think to create — you must obtain a business license from SOMBRA.

OpenSea Compatible

All Sombra Polygon NFTs including the Sins of Shadow avatars and avatar upgrades will be resell compatible on OpenSea.


There are 3 ways to earn cash in SINS. Play in the arena, bet in the arena, or get a job…or rob your neighbor. Rewards are paid in SINS credits which accumulate in your account. Once a specific time limit has passed you may begin converting them into SMBR token. A reason for this is to prevent fraud or exploitation of the system. With a secondary point system attached to SMBR we are able to put in fail safes.

Amounts of P2E are dictated by marketcap (mcap). The higher the mcap the more you can earn. There is a mathematical formula attached to this that acts as a sliding scale to adjust the output based on not only mcap but available LP and APY reserve. We have brought in economists and mathematicians to assess the specific values.

Safety is of paramount concern to us as well as preventing exploitation. We are committed to ensuring safety of funds and our P2E ecosystem and tax tiers for sales are designed to prevent large dumps.


Each month Sombra will release a 15 minute streaming episode that is part of a 10 episode series called “Sins of Shadow.” These 10 episodes are made in Unreal Engine using using motion capture technology from Xsens, Manus, Stretch Sense, Reallusion and Live FACE. These episodes are animated by 1 individual and are then voiced by a variety of international actors.

The characters of the show are the NFT avatars from the SINS collection and are selected at random by the Sombra team. These avatars will become the villains, the heros, and the love interests of the SINS streaming series.

Each month following our 1st episode, Sombra will hold community plot votes. Depending on your staking level inside the Members Only Club, you receive a specific amount of voting shares within this community process. That means the more you stake in the Members Only Club the more your vote counts. You have the power to influence the story in a multitude of ways.

Following each vote, the Sombra team will go into the writing room and create a new 15 minute script for the next episode in 3 days. Production begins immediately following.

As the story unfolds and grows episodes will grow longer and characters deeper. Who knows, maybe soon a SINS movie will be in full swing.


The Sins of Shadow cinematic series will also live inside VR. Inspired by the iconic NYC immersive theatrical experience “Sleep No More,” Sombra has taken their cinematics to the next level.

Occulus Quest users will be able to purchase our episodes as VR experiences. Each cinematic episode will be accessible in VR and viewers can walk through the show in full 3D and watch the plot unfold before their eyes. This is truly the first fully immersive VR experience for entertainment as you become one with the show.

Brendan visits Silver City Version 1


These collections will be releasing systematically over 2022 and then added to the SINS game after each drop. The sections of the game that correlate to these characters will be closed until each drop is completed and then users can explore that open world upgrade as a patch to the game. All collections will be 2D and then 3D similar to the SINS Bionics.

Ethers (#5000) — Ethereum based humanoid avatars with a different stylings but fully compatible with Bionic upgrades.

Owl Lords (#2500) — Easiest way to describe them are like the elves of Rivendale but with feathers and a super unfiltered sense of humor. Owls are known for crass jokes and general trickery. Inspired from who knows.

Titans (#2000) — Planet of the Apes comes to Sins with The Titans. These stylized primates are large and in charge and usually wearing some bling. Inspired by crypto culture and the BAYC.


Ferrals (#2000) — These mask wearing, bounty hunting, lawless savages will rip you limb from limb if you get too close. As barbaric as they are, they do not lack in intelligence and are known for setting traps and baiting treasure hunters into immediate death.

South Alpha (#1000) — Unique water based creatures with sharp fangs and claws. Webbed feet and hands and an aerodynamic body help these creatures fly through the water at speeds akin to a boat or small land-craft. They gain massive amounts of energy and also earn p2e for eating users who fall into the ocean.

The Shēdo (#500) — The shadow cult of Underground SINS. The Shēdo has not regard for human life or any life whatsoever. Simply being near them will drain your energy. They are the dementours of SINS inspired from TMNT and Harry Potter. For killing players The Shēdo users receive p2e credit but can only hunt at night.

Shēdo Concept

Toros (#25) — Inspired by the Cows of Chicago and Spanish Culture, The Toros are a stoic breed of upright standing Bulls resembling Nordic gods. The Toros are few in number but are considered the ancients and some of the most powerful characters in the game. To buy a Toro you must past morality tests and more.

Cheelites — SpaceCats that travel from planet to planet and find people to let them live in their houses for free while they sleep, eat and poop all day long. When their owners are sleeping they sneak out and battle crime on the streets of Sins of Shadows. ZOOMIES POWER.

PolyPanters — Loyal robotic battle panthers made to protect their owners and also a variety of other specialty tactics built into each PolyPanther that gives each one different user advantages based on the Panther they own and have listed as their companion in game.



NYC based award winning VFX studio. Bonfire specializes in high end design and CG photo real visual effects

Sombra has partnered with an experienced game studio in Prague, CZ as well as hired 2 top level blueprint and Unreal Engine developers with extensive experience designing gameplay, catalogue systems, configurators, C++ and more.

Coupled with our above new hires and partners, our development team has been upgraded as well. Sombra is now overseen by our lead technical architect who specializes in various forms of code science such as C++, HMTL, Java, and more. He also is a talented solidity developer. He is supported by top level blockchain/react developer and now a full time solidity developer. Under them are 2 other react devs tasked with implementing Web UI. We also have a senior solidity developer overseeing internal audits as well as HashEx overseeing external audits.

We have also brought on a new partner who is a software developer specializing in Python and C++ and has extensive experience building mobile based applications. To date her applications on the Apple and Google Play store have over 1 million downloads.

Sombra also has brought on another partner who is one of the largest influencers and consultants inside the motion capture space. His work and credentials are well known and span decades of the highest grossing Hollywood films and Game development. He holds over 100 technical and workflow patents pertaining to motion capture and visual effects and is spear heading many efforts internally to maintain top level technical workflows that use the most emerging AI and procedural technology. The connections don’t hurt either ;)

Individual team members will be revealed mid January in a Sombra partner and employee update.


XSENS - Leading the way in inertial motion capture technology, Xsens is the Lamborghini of motion capture for consumers. We have partnered with them for full support and technical upgrades on our Unreal Engine Cinematic Streaming Series. Each episode will be powered by Unreal Engine and Xsens live!

MOVELLA - The parent company of Xsens is making big waves in how we experience avatars and technology inside the metaverse. More amazing collaborations to come!

PERCEPTION NEURON - Perception Neuron is another amazing technology company pioneering the motion capture space and quickly giving Xsens a run for their money. Aimed as the worlds smallest mocap solution, it has proven a nimble and important part of our production and we see many users in the future utilizing their technology for metaverse integration. Perception Neruon has been helping Sombra create for over a year now and a great relationship has been formed.

NVIDIA - Powering all our workstations and rendering farms are a multitude of GTX GPUs. Don’t worry we don’t use them to mine :) We are strictly rendering high level visuals and NFT creations inside our mad lab.

EPIC GAMES - With various contacts at Epic Games, Sombra has established a professional relationship with Epic Games and their technical support program. As well a MegaGrant application is in progress and soon to be submitted.

REALLUSION - Reallusion is an essential part of our pipeline and helping us create the best possible avatars we can.

AUTODESK - as life long Autodesk users, their software and support are integral for our success with not just NFTs but also VFX in general.


Sombra is launching the first Artist Avatar program that aims to bring a community of avatar creators from the world of 2d to a world of utility. Sombra will help select NFT artists mint their 2D avatar collections on Sombra and then develop those 2D avatars into 3D game ready characters that can become characters inside Sins of Shadow as well as other games.

We aim to make the 3D motion capture technology that makes our avatars so special available to as many projects and other communities as possible. With over 20 artists strictly working on avatars each day and more being onboarded daily we are looking forward to helping as many artists and projects dive into the world of NFT utility.




Sombra Network

Sombra is a social NFT marketplace and gaming eco system created to bring collectors, artists and innovators together to make the impossible possible.