SINS OF SHADOW— Game and Mocap NFT Avatar Cinematic Eco-System

Biomatics Sins
Hydrogen Wars Stock Concept
  • NFT open world/battle game and avatars
  • Monthly NFT cinematic steaming series
  • Social NFT avatar app


PHASE I - The Sinners 2D

  • BASE
  • EYES
  • HAIR
  • RARE TRAIT (weapons)
KitBash / Mad Joe / Alpha 4
Jiro / Skeeter / Queen
Clara & Nataysha
Hydrogen Boy


Persona Package


Upgraded Avatar — QUEEN


What can I do with my avatar?

  • All 3D avatars are automatically given access to the SINS open world multiplayer experience and competition Arena. Users can explore the large SINS open world map, chill in their pad or compete with their battle Guild in Arena del Toros - a 3rd/1st person P2E melee Battle Royale.
  • All 3D avatars are automatically given access to the SINS Mobile avatar app where users can connect and use their avatars to make fun animated social videos for Tiktok and youtube.

PHASE III - There is a game?!

Only the top 20 teams get paid.

What can you do in the open world?

  • Buy land at a first come first server basis. Prices increase based on sale demands for the given area.
  • Build houses, businesses, and other digital real-estate from in game assets.
  • Purchase vehicles and customize them
  • Purchase Boats and customize them
  • Purchase Flying Slide Rides (flying cars) and customize them
  • Open a digital store selling digital goods once approved from the Town Hall appointed 1 month into the game launch from within the community. These stores allow artists to sell CG assets for avatars, cars, homes and more as NFT upgrades and in game purchases. Artists must comply with the format standards to allow their NFTs to be used in game. All assets include 10% SMBR buyback. This allows a great community of artists and vendors.
  • Rob and kill fellow players - yes you can rob other players. Each players has a bank account in the game which allows them to “carry” a set amount of money in their wallet. This wallet amount is your purchase limit inside the SINS eco system meaning that if your wallet has 500 SMBR you can spend 500 SMBR. With that, users can rob players of their wallet holdings when exploring the open world. Its best to travel in groups and leave the big bucks at home unless you’re heading to the Lambo dealership. If so bring back up ;) If you choose to become an outlaw and rob and kill be aware you can be arrested and or killed by other citizens or the Sombra Rangers who patrol the world and stop crime. If you are arrested or are killed in an attempted crime you lose 10% of your in game bank account.
  • Hold players for ransom - If you choose to capture a player you can do so instead of killing them. You must make it to your safe house with the player without being arrested or killed. Once there you can hold a player indefinitely as long as you are paying your city taxes.
  • Buy NFT Art - you can buy and display your NFT art work in your own gallery or home.
  • Get a Job — In SINS you can work and make cash. If you so choose to purchase a mocap suit from one of our partners or a lower end motion capture solution you can apply for a number of jobs within the SINS metaverse that pay out daily. Each job is either motion capture based or game play position that requires you to interact with the players in the open world. When using motion capture, your movement range will be restricted to 4x4, 5x5 and 10x10 areas depending on players’ available personal space and position. See more information about jobs soon.
  • Sombra Supercar dealer - mocap and game play
  • Sombra Rangers - (Admin Force) - mocap and game play
  • Digital Goods Shop Owner - game play
  • Taxi Slide Ride Driver - game play and facial mocap
  • Sombra Adult Entertainer and Friend - mocap and game play
  • Arms dealer - mocap and game play
  • Ransom-wear dealer - Sombra sells pre-fabbed jail cells to hold other players ransom. These can be purchased and installed into your home.


  • SILVER CITY - downtown SINS where many businesses and access points exist. The entrance to the Arena also is here as well as the global scoreboard. The official SINS shop exists here as well and is considered the heart of the game. Players can find the Sombra Super car shop here as well as the Armory.
  • HYDROGEN MINES - bionic dystopian underground with old soldiers and new wave abolitionists determined to reignite the Hydrogen Wars between the Ethers and the Bionics. Rumor has it the Hydrogen Boys are building planetary blockchain weapons capable of mass destruction. Once the bridge is open it is anyones guess what happens.
  • ARBOL - Forest sector where *The Titans* live. The Titans are a treehouse society of Primates evolved beyond human intelligence. Primarily peaceful, the Titans will not hesitate to defend their home and families. With an average size twice that of a Bionic they are not to be taken lightly. Titans are welcoming of others as long as they are
  • TERRA DEL MAR - Luxury waterfront residential area with the cyber yacht club where well-to-do SINS members live and play. Supercars, Super Flyers, Planetary ships gilded in diamonds and more are just a taste of what you’ll find here.
  • SIMONA - Fashion and Art district where many shops and upgrade vendors set up. Only the best of the best are approved for business in Simona. If you prefer a taste of the old world architecture and cobblestone streets accompanied with high end futuristic NFT shopping this is the place for you.
  • FLAG POINT - Family Oriented Neighborhood for everyone. Homes of various sizes and shapes. A more traditional existence for the metaverse mingler.
  • MECH LOWLANDS - Swamp land that feeds into the sewers. Not a home for many and those who do live here are not those you want to go looking for. Noxious gas from the Ether planet leaks through a one way shadow hole making the Lowlands impossible for anyone to survive in without proper bionic modifications or air-filtration masks.
  • ETHER BRIDGE - Planetary bridges exists on the edges of the map in 4 locations. These bridges are elevated and homes are industrial in nature. These bridges are intended as portal points to other blockchain versions of SINS which come later in 2022.
  • CYANTICS - Mountain-line homes with long expansive views and luxury consignment shops as well as hunting range and nature preserve. A peaceful place where people, creatures and everyone alike mind their business. Expect everyone to be armed and don’t trespass without expecting the worst.
  • SOMBRA SKYLINE - City in the sky that shifts locations over the SINS map built with ornate gold and rococo stylings. Home of the *Owl Lords* and those whose choose to live among them. This airy and bright city is one you can fall off of so without proper modifications, propulsions systems or genetic avatar flying abilities you will die.
    *See future avatar collections below*
  • SPLINTER CITY - Underground village and subterranean cyberpunk dwellings. Large adult industry. Subways are connected and run through at all times of day. Here you’ll find all kinds of people and creatures. Splinter City was founded by the *The Shēdo*. Humans who lost their way and over time faded into the boundaries between living and dead. Faceless and silent, these creatures resemble cyberpunk ninjas.
    *See future avatar collections below*
  • CARMINE’S POINT — The most luxurious and largest homes in the map live here. These homes are elevated on a mountain side with breathtaking coastal views. Homes come with personal supercars.
  • QUEENSLAND -Water-based village accessible only by land. Yes, you can drown in SINS. Don’t drown. If you do the water creatures of *South Alpha* will likely eat you. Yeah I know it sucks but this is the future and its dangerous AF…what do you want?
    *See future avatar collections below*
  • CHUERASOL - The nightclub district that never closes. You can find someone to party and chat with here and likely more. Make sure you look your best and watch your back at all times.
  • FERRLAND - Dystopian Western area with sprawling acreage and hunting lodges, cyber farms, cyber buggies, and more. Home of The Ferrals, this is a ranger free zone where laws and 10% murder fees do not apply. Think of this as “International Waters.”
  • ARENA DEL TOROS - The central point of Sombra SINS P2E. Players here can compete in a variety of 3rd person, multiplayer scifi shooter games competing in realtime against community members. You can play single player without a guild but only when a guild needs more players for a match and accepts you as a fill in. Single player modes will releases after beta launch. The Toros run the Arena and what they say goes. They are the gate keepers of the battles.
  • ARENA DEL TOROS CASINO — If battle is not your forte then try your hand at the casino where users can place wagers on the upcoming matches and depending on the match apply leverage to the bet against the house. Be careful though as these are smart contract-built leverage bets and you must lock the funds x leverage in escrow until the results are official.


OpenSea Compatible




Brendan visits Silver City Version 1


Shēdo Concept







Sombra is a social NFT marketplace and gaming eco system created to bring collectors, artists and innovators together to make the impossible possible.

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Sombra is a social NFT marketplace and gaming eco system created to bring collectors, artists and innovators together to make the impossible possible.