Sombra Network Forms New Partnership With Creative Technology Entrepreneur Glen Taylor and New Team

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3 min readMay 25, 2023

Welcome Sombra Sinners!

Sombra Network is going through impressive new changes. As many of you know, Sombra Network Founder Brendan O’Neil has been the CTO of animation, flame and VFX studio Bonfire for the past 6 years. It was Bonfire which allowed Brendan to ignite his passion for technologies, become a leader in the creative technology space and ultimately lead him to creating the Sombra Network we know today.

With Brendan’s leadership, Sombra Network has formed a new union with serial entrepreneur Glen Taylor, bringing big opportunities on the horizon. Taylor founded, then grew to acquire one of the most successful global VFX studios, Taylor James. Since then he has been leading the shift in technology in the production space, unlocking the opportunities of web 3, unreal technology and computer generated production for brands. His next venture is the creation of creative technology collective AlongSide. AlongSide is a collective of creative businesses which are changing the world of production by bringing CG pipelines directly into brands’ production approaches. Now he has invested in Sombra Network and brought Brendan into Alongside as CTO.

Sombra Network will remain the ongoing home for development and growth of game titles such as Sins of Shadow. This new injection of investment will mean over the next months we see big movement for Sombra Network. The working partnership with O’Neil and Taylor will bring a new era of success and innovation to the Network and its community. Over the past 3 months, the team has laid out the foundation for success with a highly organized business structure and expert staff of executives, marketing leads, VFX artists and more. The key for Sombra Network’s success is a full integration of multiple business and revenue streams that will continue to feed the development of their Unreal Pipeline, game division and community of token holders. Beyond that a substantial investment has been allocated to 3 key areas for the Sombra Network.

  1. Large investment in Sins of Shadow and the Sombra Metaverse and Unreal Team
  2. Large investment in large scale marketing and social outreach
  3. Large investment in the pursuit of CEXs and new brand partnerships

Bolstering the Sombra brand even more, O’Neil will be leading a new creative technology business Sombra Labs as part of Taylor’s AlongSide collective. Sombra Labs will be AlongSide’s expert in AI tools and creating immersive, web 3 and tech driven experiences for brands. Skills which are directly proven by the existence and success of Sombra Network.

With new investment and support of Glen Taylor, amplified by the exposure of new venture Sombra Labs, we will see big movements for Sombra Network many which will kick in full swing this June. This is a testament to the Network, on which Brendan states “Sombra Network is a true proof of concept for any brand looking to enter into the world of web 3 and metaverse. Communities and group ownership is the way to engage and drive a variety of ambitious undertakings forward. Whether it be a AAA video game, animated tv series or simply building an effective brand.” We are gearing up for a rapid acceleration of the network and the cultural movement we are driving, keep watching and prepare to be rewarded.



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