Sombra Network Post Launch News

Sombra Family! We are so excited to have you on board and congratulations to all for a successful release. We are thrilled that the move to SMBR was smooth and our users have been rewarded for their patience. You probably want to know what is planned for the week and beyond so let’s get started.


Coin Gecko has listed Sombra ($MBR) on day 1 of our launch. Not even 24 hours into existence and ($MBR) is on the CG platform and has seen a great increase in exposure and user base. This was a great way to start our journey and we are thankful for our contacts at Coin Gecko for a speedy listing.


We have applied for CMC this week and will be awaiting listing. We are hopeful to be listed within the next 7 days. We at Sombra cannot guarantee any listing dates so please bear that in mind as we all get excited about the future listing on CMC.


Sombra has gotten pricing for DEX and Poocoin and will be forming a package this week to put into play at the NFT market launch. We anticipate these being live in 1 to 1.5 weeks. We will keep you posted on what the SMBR team has purchased and what to expect soon. Our goal is to coincide with the NFT market release.


As normal, reddit is a bit part of new exposure. We would love for our community to continue to help push our project forward and help bring new eyes to the community. We will be posting 4 times a week on reddit and pushing those posts hard. Why not 7 days a week you ask? Spamming has gotten more serious on Reddit and they are cracking down. Also SMBR is taking the less is more approach for some things and we feel it’s better to focus heavily 4 times a week as a shilling event rather than make it a daily task. This will help us maximize views.


…Sombra’s NFT Marketplace will be launching its beta this coming weekend (August 29th) to select test users. Pending user feedback we would then plan to launch our grand opening on Tuesday, August 31st. We will be launching with a select grouping of artists and we will be announcing more information about how you can login and set up your account with Sombra soon !

Our beta will be a non buying soft launch where users can navigate and explore the works as well as the UI and functionality.


You should be able to buy $MBR from our DEX webpage starting today or tomorrow. Stay tuned for the announcement. We are moving fast. Won’t stop. Can’t stop.


For those who purchased OTC NFTs we will mint those NFTs for launch or shortly thereafter. We will be making official announcements next week about the OTC NFTs and what is coming to the buyers


If you sent us cheecoin to drain the LP prior to the initial pull we thank you and have set aside an amount in rewards to be given out to you as a thank you. It’s nothing insane but its a nice gift back. *please note we are not accepting cheecoin any longer*


Cheecoin will be converted into a credit system within the SMBR marketplace. We will be using the snapshot as well as the historical ledger to verify user holdings and validity of credits. Once our program goes live you will be given a credit amount on the marketplace in the form of a new non LP driven token or digital currency inside the marketplace. These tokens will be for fun and cannot be used for trading. Sombra will have “arcade prizes” where Cheecoin can be traded in for things like TokenFrames, LookingGlass, NFTs and more. The trade ins will not represent a 1:1 value and should be looked at more as arcade tokens that are collected in a high amount and can be cashed in for a handful of prizes. We will have more information about this soon. This rewards program will launch in 2–3 months.


NFT gaming is here and Sombra is heavily invested in this process. We are in development of 2 new NFT blockchain games. One in AR and one with live real time AI controlled betting. More to come soon on these amazing projects. Sombra is not just an NFT marketplace but an ever evolving creative entity that will be moving into gaming as our next step. The process is underway, teams have been formed, NDAs signed. We are full force in development and excited to reveal our new little creatures to the world.



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Sombra Network

Sombra Network

Sombra is a social NFT marketplace and gaming eco system created to bring collectors, artists and innovators together to make the impossible possible.