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4 min readAug 3, 2022


Welcome to the latest updates from Sombra Network!

Our new website is live and it is looking amazing! Please let us know what you think with some comments on twitter or in chats!

Sombra Network has officially converged with Bonfire Productions and is now being overseen by the Bonfire team. The existing infrastructure at Bonfire combine with Sombra’s creative team and game development division creates the perfect storm of web 3 wonders. Together the two teams are pushing boundaries inside the world of realtime VFX, AAA games with crypto rewards, AI, motion capture metaverse experiences and community building.

Stop by and review all the great new sections inside our website and follow along with the latest news here on the bottom section of our website!


Game Clip

The Sins Unreal Engine AAA game is in progress and the team has made great progress. We have shared with you excerpts from the game play for our Open World GTA build and soon you’ll be experiencing our death match modes in our upcoming beta launch!

The team is working towards an initial game launch to take place in the next 2–3 months. We have decided to postpone our mint until the game is ready to launch so that holders can immediately begin playing and earning SMBR rewards. The game will launch for NFT holders ONLY at first. After a small launch period we will open up 1–2 specialty characters to non NFT holders who can subscribe month to month via SMBR payments and play the game but without the ability to upgrade their avatar or participate in the TV show and game governance.

As we work towards out game launch we are also assembling our TV show pilot and planning our first in game missions for people to play. Each month our missions if completed earn you SMBR rewards regardless how many times you have to try… *cough* Brendan *cough*

We will soon be releasing a comprehensive guide to the upcoming SINS game including, Map overview, character usage, avatar upgrades, SMBR use and staking for game, gameplay and compatibility, future console plans and more.

Partnerships and The Shadow Realm


The Shadow Realm consists of our partnerships and collabs.

Each collab will have its own character inside our upcoming beta release that is playable ONLY by the community via their ownership of NFTs.

Bonfire - As announced earlier, Bonfire VFX has stepped in and is now overseeing Sombra Network as a dedicated web 3 VFX and creation division of the award winning studio.

Rarible - Sombra is in discussions about the transition of our NFT Marketplace to the ETH / Matic chains via a Rarible NFT Marketplace store front. In partnership with Rarible we will be re-launching our marketplace for all existing NFTs. Any NFT purchased on the BNB network will be burned and re-minted on the new protocol.

Project Godjira - As the new VFX partner for PG, Sombra has been delivering a range of top level content for our cold blooded friends. We are excited to continue assisting in various NFT drops and content creation. Expect a Godjira guest character inside our Deathmatch launch coming up!

Tasty Bones - Yummy Yummy! Sombra is hungry for its next partnership with Tasty Bones, the Delivery Service for the Dead! We are super excited to be created some 3D avatars for this Blue Chip project and some guest stars inside our upcoming game release!

Utherverse - The longest standing Metaverse to date, The Utherverse and The Uthers are an exciting new partner for Sombra Network. We are thrilled to be partnered with a metaverse building company who is bringing amazing customization and unique experiences to its community.

Genesis Mint + Beta Game

There are 1400 Genesis NFTs available in our upcoming mint. The date of our mint will be announced closer to the release of the Sins Beta. We have chosen to delay the mint in order to align it with our stage 1 game release. We feel this is important so that people can truly see the value of the NFTs they are obtaining and using in game.

The beta game will contain 15 Sinner avatars to choose from and only via NFT ownership can you get access to playing the game. There will also be 7–10 guest characters from other projects with their own special abilities and community perks.

While this beta is live we will proceed with our 3D upgrade mint and allow users to obtain their 3D Sinners. Remember these 3D upgrades are obtained either through multi ownership of Sins 2D NFTs or purchase with SMBR token.

Price as of now is .2 ETH but subject to change based on market conditions.



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