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7 min readSep 20, 2021


Sombra Family thanks for reading! We have so many amazing things in the works and are very excited for the future. High or low marketcap we are committed to the success of the project and our holders. Please enjoy the weekly update and don’t forget to join our telegram

Note to Hodlers - Nothing will keep us down!

Hey guys and gals 👋 We wanted to take a moment to say that we understand that you would like the price of SMBR to be higher. We all want that. We have not lost sight of the fact that the price is important for our holders and ecosystem. We have decided to implement SMBR as the token(s) of operation for our marketplace and future 100% as soon as marketcap permits. More on that later but the point is we want you to know we are committed not only to the NFTs, the artists, and the new partnerships but also to our holders and diamond hand OGs. We know many of you have purchased thousands of $$$ worth of SMBR and the Sombra team will work non-stop to make sure that bear or bull market our token and ecosystem continue to develop and marketcap increases. It may seem overwhelming to some of you but don’t worry, we are here for the long haul and have so much work left to do. The road may take some time but as the name Sombra gets out into the world more and more people will see this serious and amazing project . We will get to the top of crypto world! The timing of our token launch on May 4th was unfortunate as poised against the initial crypto dip in June but nevertheless we have accomplished more than most projects to date in BSC and will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible with NFTs and blockchain.

This is only the beginning of the Sombra journey so please sit back, relax and enjoy the flight. The G force might get a bit intense soon so we suggest you use the restroom now. There are limited bathrooms on the moon.

Our telegram is always open to contact an admin and if you have tech or airdrop questions please see the support telegram at

Website Updates

You’ll notice lots of progress on with new updates to UI and new NFTs being posted daily. Make sure you stay tuned and keep posting comments to the NFTs in the social thread. We have also now opened up a new request channel for the community to discuss with us any requests or feedback for the website and app. Please be polite and remember this is here to help us help you.

Over the next few weeks we will be improving the UI further and implementing our final contracts. Here are some things we are working on behind the scenes to prepare for re-launch.

  • Trending algorithm so NFTs move around based on likes
  • Hamburger navigations
  • BNB NFT purchases with 10% buyback, batch minting, and artist distribution
  • Verified commentator badges
  • Icons for looping files
  • Icons for video files
  • Icons for Sombra Select NFTs
  • Mobile UI updates and bug fixes
  • AR app API backend ready to go
  • Faster load times for profile updates
  • Thumbnail views on social posts
  • General error fixes
  • Updated transaction logs and bid counter in profiles + other metrics

You can check out lots of these changes over the week as we implement them. We won’t announce them all so make sure you are on the look out for the updates.

Launch Date

October 5th is our tentative launch date. The markets are volatile but we have held strong and are continuing to build at record speed. We feel this date is realistic and will keep our community in the loop in real time. If anything changes or a new feature is needed for whatever reason we will of course discuss with you all and chat about the best options.

So everything will be finished on October 5th? - No this is just phase 1. We have lots to add and more things to get done so remember we will be making more updates after we go live. Updates won’t affect the NFTs we mint but just how they are viewed and organized.

What else is coming? - So much stuff! Sombra has yet to even really get started. Phase 2,3, & 4 are all amazing next steps we are excited to watch unfold. Stay tuned each week for new mediums where we discuss more information about each phase.

Crypto Markets

Well we are all following EverGrande and the ripple effect it may have into the crypto world. Most of the immediate sell off likely has occurred already but we may see more over the next week as some positions are liquidated and more deleveraging occurs. We do not think this is a death sentence for crypto at all but we do take this seriously and look to expedite our first wrap as soon as possible to spread out LP out across other blockchains as well as exposing our NFTs to more buyers across chains. We don’t expect immediate recovery but over the next month we anticipate things leveling back out and starting to rise again. While this may not be the fast, get rich quick crypto boom we all want, patience is a vital component to success for SMBR and all of us.

Youtube Series

We launch our youtube series this week with Jesse Newman as our showcased artist. We invite you to look in depth at his art and his journey to becoming an award winning Visual Effects artist. His life’s work “Rebirth of Gaea” has inspire many and will be some of the most eye catching NFTs on Sombra.


Marketing will begin the week of the marketplace launch. We will take it slow as we don’t want to over spend too fast and we need to ensure organic growth. Part of SMBR is a healthy progress upward vs. pumps which always dump. Marketing will be done in sections and in phases. We will start small and work our way up the ladder. Please suggest new ideas if you have a great marketing concept.

Juice NFTS

Juice NFTs are now available to be seen on the marketplace! Make sure you check out some of their amazing NFTs and VFX work at today.

NFT and the Future

So where are NFTs headed? Do we have any idea? Will they continue to be valuable?

We certainly think yes! NFTs are here to stay. We are always going to have cycles of bear and bull markets but NFTs as a form of record and ownership are 100% a way of the future. Web 3 will soon become a normal part of life much like the app store or using an iphone. Tracking data and user metrics are valuable data and web 3 not only allows for a comprehensive immutable record but also for multi layered consumer interactions. It is only a matter of time before you use your metamask at the grocery store.

The digital art world is a fast moving behemoth that is quickly becoming the new norm for art and collectors. Paired with tokenframe and other display technologies, NFTs will become an interactive and necessary home aesthetic. You’ll soon be giving NFTs as gifts to loved ones.

It is possible over time that the gap in the NFT world starts to expand. By that I mean that the middle class type of NFTs start to disappear and you are only left with the top level of work and then the bottom of the barrel. Eventually the bottom tier would also die off leaving only the elite and top talent to create and inspire. Sombra understands this and is directly poised to held lead the way in representation of top talent.

NFT events and ticketing will become a large part of the industry. Many brands and ticket providers are already seeking ways to tap into their user base for exposure to NFTs and blockchain based projects. These coupled with digital art and experiences will slowly become more and more commonplace and our journey to Ready Player One will truly have begun.

It’s easy to get down on crypto, NFTs or really anything when the markets are seeing red days, but just remember this is the new frontier. We are paving the way for the future and building our foundation to greatness now. It may seem slow or frustrating at times but holders are rewarded and this has proven true time and time again. Sombra has no doubts about the future of blockchain and the important role we will play in the future of digital art and technology.



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