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7 min readOct 5, 2021

Get goosebumps family. That’s right, today is the day! We are launching our marketplace live! This medium will be your guide for all things SOMBRA LAUNCH! Take a look below to get acquainted with what to expect for launch today and what will be taking place over the next few weeks. We are so excited for you to buy some Sombra NFTs! Please note that this launch by no means will be our final one and we will continue to improve UI and user functionality daily. There will be features from this Phase 1 launch that will be changed, upgraded or potentially even removed depending on community feedback. Please understand this process is one where we are building an app with you and there will be evolutions to the marketplace. If there is anything you want to see added, removed, upgraded or fixed please DM the admin team or visit us at

Launch Details

Here are some FAQs

  • What time are you launching? — We are wrapping up last looks and once completed later this morning we will deploy the new site. Everything has been tested. All is amazing. Buy back is great. We are crossing our Ts and dotting our Is now. I anticipate by 3pm NYC time we will be live. Countdown to come.
  • How many NFTs will be available at launch? — Between 50–100. Please be aware the minting is ongoing and we have a lot to do so all 100 may not be finished minting until EOD USA time.
  • When will you add the rest of the NFTs? — Over the next 1.5 months we will add the remaining 300–350 NFTs as well as acquire more.
  • When is buyback? — Buyback happens automatically inside the NFT contract. When an NFT is bought it makes a 10% buyback.
  • When is SMBR airdrop? — Monthly. We have a bit more testing to do with the airdrop and soon it shall be ready.
  • I cannot comment on NFTs, why not? — You are not a verified commenter. Please see TG or Discord Admins to become a verified commenter. Soon verified commenters will have badges.
  • Are there auction based and buy-now NFTs? — Yes. Both are available and both contain the 10% buyback.
  • Can anyone mint on their profile? — No. It is curated and you must apply.
  • How does social feed work? — The more likes your NFT receives the higher in the queue it sits for more people to see and more likely to get purchased or repurchased once resale is live.
  • When will the resale market be live? — November 5th.
  • When can I buy with Tokenframe? — January 2022. Pre-orders start December 1.
  • When can I buy Looking Glass? — TDB. We will have up to 10 units available between November and February reserved for OG members to buy.
  • When will your tag system be more like OpenSea? — We are working on this moment. We had it planned for launch today but had to push it back for later this week. There will be ongoing development for the tag system. We are we are excited for users to be able to include tags in their comments to share hopefuls.
  • Where is the search bar? — It is not available yet. This is a VERY complicated feature to implement and is in progress. We anticipate this by November 5th.
  • When will the SMBR page be updated? — We have made some small adjustments and will be implementing a redesign over the next month to spice the page up a little bit.
  • Will there be a charity page? — Yes, we have one ready to implement. We hope to have a charity page up by December 2021 with live links to adoptable animals and charity donations tracker and webcams to cat adoptions.
  • Can I use Trust wallet’s web 3 to connect to the marketplace? - Not yet. We will look to support Trust by January 2022. Please use MetaMask for the time being.
  • What is an SNFT? — This is the token name associated to our NFTs. As an artist you will see these appear in MetaMask when you mint an NFT and be transferred when it is purchased. That is your ownership.
  • Do I own the rights to these NFTs when I buy them? — No. NFTs unless specified do not contain the source rights to the art.
  • When will SMBR NFTs be available? — This will be dictated by our marketcap growth. At 5 million mcap we can start to introduce SMBR buys. At 50 million mcap we can move to 50% SMBR buys. As the mcap increases we will be able to raise this %.
  • What other utility will SMBR have aside from the buyback? — SMBR will be integrated into the marketplace on all levels including fees, advertising costs, product purchases and more over time. This will increase as the token maintains a stable backing. SMBR will also be used inside our upcoming NFT gaming experiences.
  • When will you bridge to SOL and ETH? — ETH is not 100% confirmed but SOL is. We will begin SOL bridge on October 16th and keep users posted about the progress.
  • When will the avatars be ready? — Initial avatar will be ready in November for tiktok and streaming. From there we will begin to implement the generation. We hope by December 20th to be live with avatars.
  • When is the Galeri Launch party? — To Be Determined. Soon!
  • What do I do if I have an issue? — Please contact the admin team on Discord or Telegram or email us at

Launch Features

We have spent day and night coding and hustling away for you. Here are the changes and updates we have made to the marketplace.

  • Terms and Conditions functions and display updated
  • Mobile formatting has been updated for round 1
  • Smart Contract has been finished and connected to marketplace
  • 10% buy back feature
  • Resale feature
  • Bid information in social feed
  • Profile icons globally link to social profiles
  • Update profile fixed
  • @ username now visible in NFTs
  • Artist and Owner now attached to NFTs
  • Transaction log for users
  • IPFS NFTs visible directly and not via thumbnail on NFT page
  • NFT page contains artist information
  • Buy now + Auction
  • Auction begins at bid placement
  • Auction is based on artist time allocation
  • Updated Filter appearance
  • Hamburger Navigation
  • Social NFT trending based on likes
  • Open comment boxes on NFTs without scrolling bars
  • Speed improvements
  • Upgraded server
  • API backend for Galeri and TokenFrame
  • Improved signup process

Market Upgrades Coming This Week/Weekend

As we launch, we are furiously working to implement all user feedback as well as internal. We have a long list of tasks so please be patient if you are waiting for a new feature or want to see something changed. We are listening and will act accordingly. Here are the features that you will see added over the next couple days into the marketplace in the background.

  • User Transactions History -This has been implemented already and is being finalized today. It’s very possible this will be 100% up and running today at launch but if not this will be up by Wednesday.
  • Social Thumbnails appear when posting NFT URL - This is important and we are working on this over the next day or 2 to implement this so you can see the NFTs when posting on social which will help promote.
  • Total Sales Metrics -This is being implemented this week and sales should start to appear in artists profiles within a few days.
  • Filter System Upgrade - We have been working to upgrade the filter system to resemble more like OpenSea and some other sites. We will have a new version up over the weekend and will continue to upgrade this.
  • New Login function that lays over main marketplace + login brings you to main market -It is possible this will be in today but if not tomorrow.

Market Upgrades Coming Next Week

  • Verified commenter badges - Soon verified commenters will hold prestigious badges that are also NFTs. These unlock your ability to comment on NFTs on the marketplace.
  • More Mobile scaling updates - We will be improving more mobile visibility.
  • NFT showcases - We will be starting to move NFTs around on the front page to cycle new artists as well as improve visibility for some NFTs that are lower on the minted list.
  • Social Media Thumbnails - We will be adding the ability for social media posts to show thumbnails of the NFTs
  • Updated User Metrics - More updates to metrics

Coming in 2 weeks

  • Batch Minting - The feature to batch mint exists inside our contract but we still need to develop the proper front-end container to house multiple copies of NFTs. For now, they would live as independent copies but soon we can contain multiples in one NFT listing. Stay tuned for this and our card series + more NFTs to drop!
  • Artist Tagging - When commissions are done Sombra will be able to tag each artist who helped with the commission.

THANK YOU. Please enjoy the marketplace and be respectful to artists and community members :)



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