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6 min readJun 18, 2022

A lot has changed since our first mint so we wanted to do an overview of all things since. We will be releasing a top level roadmap revised with new goals and objectives very soon. We do wish to choose a new L2 prior (see below) so we can properly gauge timings. We anticipate this in 1–2 weeks.

Sombra is here to stay and is excited to continue development as planned. We hope to see you along the way.


We hope everyone is doing alright in these troubling times. We know there is blood on the streets and many people are hurting. If you need anyone to talk to, we are here and rest assured Sombra and Sins is continuing full steam ahead. We have many great updates and things to recap. While the market and others go into hibernation we will be building furiously in preparation for the inevitable bull cycle to come.

We have no gauge for the market nor do we wish to try and guess. Global events and large crypto projects such as Luna and Celsius continue to jeopardize user trust as well the looming recession in the USA and abroad could have an impact of varying degrees. We are here no matter what and will continue progress on our game and TV show as well as next mint.


July 11th marks our 2nd and final mint for SINS Genesis. After careful deliberation we cut the supply by 6,000 NFTs and have settled on a final # of 1,777. We will have future limited collections such as the Shedo clan which will continue to assist in development and new membership onboarding.

Our WL will consist of 600 NFTs that are available 1 per person. The cost for this is .22 ETH (subject to change based on market)

Rarible sale will consist of 700 NFTs available to anyone. The cost for these are .27 ETH (subject to change based on market)

How will Mint 1 buyers be rewarded for their loyalty?

We will airdrop 1 free SINS Genesis NFT to each of the original minters in Mint 1. Yes 1 per minter — please don’t be greedy :)

Do you think you will sell out in this market?

No. Not at first. We understand the gravity of the liquidity in the NFT market right now and do not expect massive buying frenzies and we are fine with that. We are opening the final collection up to the world in a variety of ways so we can continue to onboard new members to this very exclusive club of elite gamers and storytellers. Rarible is excited for a partnership with Sombra and will be showcasing the project on mint day as well as doing dedicated PR for the project!

Phase 2 - 3D Upgrades

We are busy behind the scenes modeling and texturing all the layers needed to begin assembling our Genesis 3D upgrades. These will begin rolling out alongside our Beta release of Sins Arena in 4–5 months. Some had been completed prior to mint - now we are completing all remaining and additional layers we added prior to mint 1.

TV Characters

TV show characters will be chosen after the 2nd mint. We will be announcing the date and the process soon. Buyers from the original mint will get preference for the first 100 characters.


We will be heading to NFT NYC for a few parties and meet ups. If you’re in the NYC area let us know! We will not be speaking at any events as per our updates in regards to Polygon but rest assured we have many great events coming soon!


As announced we are disbanding out Polygon token and ecosystem in exchange for an ETH and L2 alternative. We have made this choice for a multitude of reasons including attempted scams coming from top level management. We will discuss this more in the future but for now we are simply announcing our shutting down of that section of the project and soon we will have a community vote on a new L2 and connected gaming solution.

Staking Now and the Future

Currently staking is on the ETH chain. This is because our NFTs are on the ETH chain. In order to use our NFTs in unison with staking rewards they cannot be cross chain as it must then go through a centralized location and server to correlate back to a new chain. There are many security considerations for cross chain platforms and we do not wish to pursue those options as we feel single chain dapps and experiences are much safer and stable for our ecosystem. We will be introducing BSC staking soon but likely not until after the game beta arrives. Please stay tuned for announcements about that! If you need assistance staking please refer to this video: or DM the mod team in discord.

Layer 2 Chain

We are currently seeking a new layer 2 chain to run SINS. We have announced our departure from Polygon and will be announcing soon some options for L2 ETH based solutions. We will host a community discussion and AMA soon for more conversations about which L2 chain to use. Please be aware we are most likely attempting to stay within the ETH ecosystem. More will develop over the coming month and we are excited to choose as a community.


images and text are place holder — chill ;)

Check out the new digs for our homepage! We will be using each block to contain a section of the Sombra website such as Client Work, SMBR, NFT Market, About us, and more! We have modeled this after the homepage to create a unified theme to continue the fusion.

Unreal 5 Game

Rough WIP for level design

Our Unreal 5 game progress has been coming along exceptionally well. We are dropping a great demo this week with some awesome cinematics incorporated to show the world what we have been cooking. Please stay tuned for some great first person and third person shooter action with action upgrades and more!

Back End

We’ve onboarded a new backed team with great experience building multiplayer games. Using their foundation we have been able to accelerate the game development at lightning speed and now with their assistance our backend will work in perfect unison with blockchain and user accounts. It will be an ongoing development and we are excited to go on the journey with you.

Beta Testers

In 3–4 months we will pick 20 Beta testers to test SINS. These testers will receive a $50 per week for 3 week to test the game. More soon on how you can qualify and who will be chosen.




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