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11 min readSep 26, 2021


CMC / New Developers Hired / Moralis Audit / + more!

Hello Sombra Family! Thanks for readying our Medium, we hope you are having a great day. We love all our community members and appreciate the time you take from your day to say hello in telegram or discord :) Feel free to DM our admin team for any info or just drop a line in chat to introduce yourself.

What is happening in the Sombra project this week and beyond? Let us take a dive into the progress we have made and where we are headed!

Coin Market Cap

Sombra was officially listed on CMC this past Friday and the volume has been increased 300%+ It is a great start to our marketing campaign leading up to our October 5th marketplace launch. We have applied and are accepted into their Dashboard program which allows us to update things soon like supply and more. We will be finalizing that this week and then updating the profile as needed. We did ask for NFT tag but they missed it when putting the profile up. No worries! It will be updated soon :)

Forbes Business Council

Our lead Dev Brendan ONeil was accepted into the Forbes Business Council over the past week which was amazing news. This new opportunity allows Sombra and Brendan the chance to write and publish articles on and other publications. We will be dropping some great content about Blockchain startups and the wild world of DeFi very soon. This will allow us some great chances to publish content along side NFT drops :)


With volume comes marketing! We got placed on the UniRocket Announcement channel Friday which was great for the continued growth of the token :) You can check out our UniRocket bot or Sombra Waterfall for price updates in realtime here:

Twitter Campaign and Continued Marketing

Sombra unleashed the Twitter fury this weekend with multiple influencer tweets and drops + an ongoing Sombra twitter giveway. Make sure you check out the Sombra Twitter at

Over the next week we will continue to tap into new influencers and high profile accounts to showcase the Sombra project and to help bring some new investors to the community. Our reach will not stop at the traditional coinchasers but also the long term investors and art collectors. Sombra NFTs are masterpieces that one day could be worth millions. We do not take our craft lightly and this project has years of growth and revenue behind it.

Upcoming AMAs

Sombra is thrilled to announce these upcoming AMAs with great telegram crypto groups. Check them out at and Invite only for Whale 🐳 Coin Talk ;)

Youtube Series

We are working to finish our first longer form Youtube video for the Sombra Social Series where we interview upcoming NFT artist and discuss their work, inspiration and of course NFTs. CMC took us by storm this week so we took a pause to adjust for marketing and now are back on the edit and will be posting up episode 1 with Jesse Newman - next week!

Stay tuned for some market analysis as well and some NFT hot topics! 🔥

Charity Updates — Little Wanderers

Little Wanderers has a new website courtesy of Sombra Network! We helped them find an external dev who could assist in their website build and we made it happen. The website is simple so that the charity team can update it themselves and move fast to edit and help more cats in need!

We are excited to continue to donate to Little Wanderers and help them to reach new goals of saving animals in need. How do we do that?

Every month we have 10 NFTs that are for charity. Sales are distributed to Sombra and then is sent to Little Wanderers.


Chainlink went on a tear contacted some top projects on BSC over the past few months. They spoke openly about their VRF program and how it could benefit some communities but most projects didn't use it or only did as fake marketing to pump. We kept in touch with Chainlink and now we have a great use case to tap into their VRF program and a continued collaboration with some marketing to come :) Stay tuned for more info on the VRF program coming from upcoming events to be announced.

Checking Chainlink VRF here:

New Developers

We have brought on 2 new supporting developers to assist Spencer in UI updates and the user feedback. We take what you want seriously and with that we knew we wanted to fit more changes and upgrades into the workload before October 5th. It‘s a great addition to bring in these two new NY based devs who will be spearheading some page changes and updates this week and beyond. This will allow us to make some magic happen on the site, make changes to the SMBR page, mobile formatting, speed enhancements, Transaction and bid log, profile improvements and more!

Moralis Audit - A+ Passed 100%

Sombra marketplace is proud to announce that we have been given a clean bill of health from Moralis in our audit with them. Moralis is a scalable solution to Dapps and Web3 Development that has allowed us great flexibility and speed with out backend system. Our gratitude goes out to the amazing team at Moralis for their constant support and troubleshooting assistance.

HashEx Audit - A+ Passed 100%

For new members here is out HashEx Audit! Great team at HashEx. Check them out at


Galeri App and Avatars

Our avatar series is coming and the above example demonstrates some of the capabilities that it will have! We are working closely with Galeri, a new NFT AR social app available now on the appstore! These avatars will be run through a genetic generator and traits applied within the CGI setup via a python script. Once these setups are complete we will render them with appropriate utility :) This avatar series will be the first in a long line of upcoming utility NFTs. The ref above is from some dope VFX artists we are connected with. We are using this as our working concept to create against. Our avatars will be slightly different but this example demonstrates the use case and concept very well :) Lots of this tech is being actively integrated now!

Key Site Upgrades to Come

Our dev team is working hard on all the updates and changes to the Sombra site! We are looking to accomplish the following by October 5th.

  1. Redesign of SMBR page
  2. Charity page
  3. New Navigations with Hamburger
  4. Mobile formatting updates
  5. Social Trending implemented based on likes and maybe comments
  6. Live Bids
  7. Back button for
  8. Partnership Page
  9. Icons for Sombra Select/looping/video NFTs
  10. More tags + updated view
  11. Bidding info in social feed
  12. Clickable social profiles on Main Page
  13. Profile Transaction tab

October 5th Drop

Whats happening October 5th? We are launching our NFT marketplace with live NFT auctions available in BNB with a 10% SMBR buyback. We also will have a buy now option and many amazing site upgrades as read above. We will drop with a select set of NFT content at launch and then continue to drop more collections as we move through the month. We want to be able to showcase many amazing talents we have at Sombra. With over 50 NFT artists and 350+ NFTs ready to be minted for auction we are beyond excited for the big day.

Why Sombra?

We are an elite group of professionals with established companies, reputations and funding. We have proven time and time again we are capable of making it happen and bringing dreams to reality. Our goal at Sombra is to create a great brand, product and community. How does a project do that? Well we have 4 core principles we are trying to live by

  1. Innovation - This is paramount to success as a crypto and blockchain project. Without pushing boundaries you’re just another fish in that sea and with competitors rising daily we not only have to separate ourselves from the competitions but also continue to push the boundaries of technical creation and workflow innovation. We follow emerging technology in many sectors and have a commitment to not only testing and doing research and development for the company but also for our continued knowledge and industry understanding. You will see some amazing things from Sombra.
  2. Kindness - Treat others as you wish to be treated. It’s important to do our best to control emotions and give everyone our time and respect. If someone misbehaves they get the ban hammer of course but we’ll do it kindly :)
  3. Resilience - Never give up. Crypto is a brutal game akin to war. You can never give up. You get hit and then you get back up. You don’t cry or whine you just keep going. There are good and bad days, red and green moments, but you never ever ever quit. That is what Sombra lives by. People and projects will try to fud, market conditions can get bad, China can do its biannual crypto ban - whatever it is we don’t care. We always find a way and will push to develop and succeed.
  4. Problem Solving - There is never a day that goes by where a new question, suggestion, problem, or goal is presented and with that the Sombra team is always fast pivoting to adjust to the market conditions and new crypto developments whatever they may be. It is important to keep an open mind and look outside the box for solutions and to be innovators.

Sombra has deep roots in business, visual effects, art, and brand connections. Our lead dev and NFT partners company Bonfire VFX is rooted in the world of brands, helping to produce and create some of the most iconic and beautiful visual seen in advertising. With these connections and experience Sombra has taken to the world Web3 by storm planning to be the next Facebook + Foundation combo. We will bring the best social interaction and experience to the NFT world as well as the coolest NFTs with real world utility.

NFT with Utility? WTF is that? Basically an NFT you can use for something. Here are a few ways NFTs from Sombra will be used in the near future.

  • Art
  • Physical displays via web3
  • Holograms
  • Wearable NFTs
  • Controlable NFTs
  • NFT Rentals
  • Motion Sensor Interaction NFTs
  • Evolution NFTs
  • Neural Network NFTs that constantly change or adapt
  • Event Tickets with giveaway randomization brought from Chainlink
  • Playable NFT characters, weapons, vehicles and more
  • Game Upgrades
  • Reward tier qualifications
  • Social Permissions
  • Badges and Status symbols
  • Video and TV show ownerships
  • Subscription verifiers for clubs and more
  • Ad blockers
  • AR / VR experiences + Events+ Galeris ;)
  • AR + Geo located Treasure hunts
  • Ready Player 1 communities

Beyond some of those amazing things Sombra is actively researching and always on the lookout for cool new ways to bring utility to NFTs. Our team is tapped in directly to many amazing brands and companies like Epic Games and we are always in the know about hottest new trends.

You can also follow one of our emerging tech facebook groups here:

Community Help

We know you love Sombra and we know you want a 100 million mcap so how can you help Sombra get to the moon and establish itself as a real token of the future? GREAT QUESTION!

  1. Make a list of all your favorite influencers. Anyone you follow and like that doesn’t have a fake following.
  2. Send the list to QueenMonique88 on telegram
  3. Make suggestions to us in chat for new marketing or new contests and events. If you have a real idea we want to hear it. Please refrain from saying “CEX!” “Binance!” and the like. We are looking to tap into the NFT communities mainly as well as potential new investors.
  4. Make memes and fun content if you have time and ability. If you’re talented and want to help out we’d love to see what you can make for us to shill with :) We know there are many amazing artists in our community.
  5. Shill Sombra NFTs to outside groups, social media platforms, crypto communities, forums, friends, relatives, pets.
  6. Keep an open mind about others views and cultures.
  7. Talk about awesome content in chat. Let’s start bringing some great new ideas and discussion to chat. We can even hold some community contests for the “holder of the month” who incites the best conversations and topics. More info to come!
  8. Keep the community as professional as possible. It is important as new investors come to the project telegram and discord that we greet them with open arms and kindness. Even those who fud or are disrespectful should be “killed with kindness.” By being kind at all times we can truly become a globally trusted project. Our community is an extension of our project and our brand and thus we want to exude the most professional and progressive thinking culture. Company culture is extremely important for not only your team but also your holders and future holders.




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