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6 min readOct 17, 2021

Welcome everyone! We hope you’re having an amazing weekend. A lot has happened since launch of our Phase 1 NFT marketplace and this is a great opportunity to recap where we are and what we have planned for the future. This article will review the project in depth and discuss all the planned updates for the website as well as current NFT projects and collaborations.


The week of November 1st we will be contacting OTC members for their NFTs. They will be either directly sent to you or you will be given a secret claim link. More info to come soon.


Our avatar collection is in progress. You’ll soon be able to mint from multiple genders of this badass cyberpunk gang land collection and soon they will even have a place in our open world NFT experience and special users will get NFTs they can become and build social media profiles with as influencers.

These will live as our first custom avatar series and have a base price of .2 - .5 BNB TBD to mint a randomly generated avatar.

MarketPlace Updates

For our NFT marketplace we have a handful of updates and changes we are planning to make over the next 3 months and maybe beyond. The following is a breakdown for you. We have changed our roadmap estimates based on post launch assessments and the expectation that it will be self financed by the team. Improved functionality means improved user experience and as such more sales.

October 16 — November 16

  1. NFTs will swap in and out of top spots and we will have a showcased section for specific artist and NFTs.
  2. NFT tags will be updated for more search options and collections
  3. Collections will be added
  4. Sombra URLs will contain previews when posted to social media
  5. Loading UI for Artists and minting update
  6. Tabs for SOLD/BIDS/AUCTION on main marketplace
  7. New Filter System
  8. Mobile fixes and interactivity updates to general site

In this phase we will be adding essential updates to the NFT marketplace appearance and user functionality. We will also be adding some key features that will allow us to add collections and most specifically our Avatar collection!

November 16 — December 16

  1. Search for NFT and User function and top header option
  2. Multi mint NFTs contained into one UI NFT.
  3. Charity page
  4. Buy Back Live Tracker page
  5. Updated SMBR page and Economics

In this phase we will be adding the search function as well as some new pages and a multi mint feature + you can track your SMBR buyback amounts :)

December 16 — January 1

  1. Resale Market Launch
  2. Avatar Series Launch
  3. Rewards program begins

In this phase we will launch the resale market and our avatar series.

January 1 — March 1

Web application development + Galeri App integration + Continued collections

This will be an ongoing process that will continue to develop over time. We will be working hard to get our web application into place for approval by Apple and Andriod marketplaces.


We know marketing is important but we are also watching many tokens hit marketing very hard to no avail. We feel it is important to finish the products first before we hit marketing intensely and to spend wisely. We must carefully build out each level of the application now as we lead into the end of year bull run we all feel coming. Our marketing will focus on the NFTs, artists, collection drops and the buyback+community features. We will be targeting new communities, new tech methods and social forums as well as some give aways and events. We have also applied for Binance MVB and contacted various other outlets for NFT showcases.


A lot has happened since we started discussing the Cheecoin rewards program. We will be announcing our full detailed breakdown soon. Rewards will be reserved to holders who have not dumped their SMBR bags and we will be assessing the entire group and allocating appropriate rewards to each person. Special prioritization given to OG holders and loyal members who are supporting us each day. Rewards will be given as per holdings we have assessed through various snapshots and wallet lists. The rewards will require users to login to Sombra and claim them as per their wallet history. If a user is using a new wallet or needs special consideration, we will have those conversations but we reserve the right to refuse the request if it is a scam or unreasonable in nature.


We do not have any specific updates on CEXs at this time but we are still in talks about new DEX listings and collaborations in the near future. We should have more info perhaps as soon as this week. We will also be checking in with the CEXs as well about listing applications and keeping the community informed.

Development Team

Sombra has started its process of merging Bonfire VFX into Sombra LLC. More info soon on this process but we feel it is important to have a unified brand for professionalism and have begun the process now of integration as we prepare for our next launch date.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Sombra CEO Brendan O will be in Manhattan this upcoming November to meet with Tokenframe to sit down and set up their supply chain as well as a few events for Sombra. This will be a great next step into our real world integration.


We will announce a launch part for the Galeri app soon. We have been working hard with the team to connect the API and soon you’ll be able to see you Sombra NFTs in AR! We also are working closely with them on our NFT utility avatars and 3D driven interactive experiences.



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